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There are freaky tornadoes in Alabama.  Why would anyone want to live here?

Now what?

Now what?



The One will spend this much in 4 years.  Bush spent $5T in eight years while funding 2 wars and a booming economy from 2001-2007.  Of course, if we are in a depression still by 2013.   It’ll be Bush’s fault…right Democrats?


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I need sleep.   Just a little more.  Two or three hours more.


Mastering the Basics

It’s tough having to go back to the beginning and relearning the stuff you thought you already knew.

Class 09C

The “A” creed.  Somebody copied it and put visual images and soothing music behind it to pump us up.  Lame!  I learned something new today.  Montgomery is where the civil war and civil rights started.  WOW…remarkable.  Off to make my body sweat.  For all the folks dreaming about me picture this.  A bald bigfoot!

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Prez Hopenchange has directed the Treasury to reduce our taxes by 1 Apr.  That’s an extra $13 a week.  Let my count the ways to my spending spree.   What will you buy for $13? 

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2nd Story

Finally after waiting in a soup-like line I get assigned my room.  Because of the small time  parameter you have hundreds of tools converge in one area, then hundreds of tools converge to the elevator which takes them to their room, then hundreds of tools converge to the grocery store and finally the retail store.  Picture the chickens running around in a panic.  Tomorrow the same in our bus driver uniforms where we get issued 5 weeks of busy work.  love it. 

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The oatmeal is good especially when you put the toppings on it.  The mixture of brown sugar, almonds and fruit make it almost as delicious as Alands lips.  Mmmm…good.

Alabama is the crap that comes out of a donkey.  And the donkey is a democrat.

Yup Yup.  Siting outside of 1403 (SOS) like an idiot because they won’t open their doors until 1 pm.  Solution.  There should be no time parameter. But that makes sense and we all know the DoD doesn’t subscribe to such a thing.

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