Our northern neighbor has a submarine issue of their own making news today. Very interesting.

The Canadian Forces quietly scrambled an investigative team to the High Arctic last August to probe what it considered a “reliable” report of a foreign submarine sighting near the eastern entrance of the Northwest Passage – all the while trying to keep a public-relations lid on the matter, documents show.

The sub sighting occurred kilometres away from the location of a mysterious explosion that had been reported to authorities 10 days earlier and made news across Canada.

Today, the military refuses to discuss what it found last summer after probing the sub incident, citing operational security. Its silence on the possible underwater incursion – of a sort Canada is relatively powerless to detect or stop – stands in stark contrast to the clamour Ottawa makes when NORAD detects and intercepts approaching Russian bombers.

It is a good read in full.

Noteworthy it comes around the same time the Russians are talking up details about their submarine force, and their patrol rates.

The Canadian government is ignoring very serious sovereignty issues regarding their northern seas. Seems to me that with the trends creating more sea for a Northwest Passage trade routes between Asia and Europe in the summertime, the Canadian people are being shortchanged by their government who doesn’t seem to have political interest in the thousands of foreign sailors soon to be cruising off their north coast.

In the US, our political leaders would be trying to figure out how to make money, and secure it, from this emerging change to economic pattern as a result of global climate change.

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