I’m supposed to be on vacation, not commenting on our Child President’s latest demonstration of his own incompetence. But I can’t let this one pass.

First Al Gore called Oliver North’s senatorial campaign supporters “the extra chromosome right wing.” Then some Democrats ran this lovely ad:


Just in case anyone out there is still laboring under the misapprehension that the Democrats are the party that cares about those who truly need our help, Child President Obama has likened his abysmal bowling skills to “the Special Olympics.” Just imagine if Bush had done any of these things.

Yes, this is the man whose golden tongue is going to end our problems with the Axis of Evil, the man who is so gifted, so thoughtful, so articulate, that he became the President of the United States simply because so many hoped that he would be their “imaginary hip black friend.” Emphasis on imaginary. Secondary emphasis on “hip.” This guy is an affirmative action loser who has no genuine claim to any of the titles he supposedly holds, and no business holding any kind of high office at all. But you knew that, and you elected him anyway. God help us. I’m sure Sarah Palin will be classier in her follow-up commentary than our Child President was in the first instance.

The Anchoress has a nice roundup of commentary on this latest incident of Obama sans teleprompter.

Speaking of which, Obama’s TelePrompter is weighing in on its boss’s latest ad lib disaster.

It’s days like this that make me miss the days when He and I would walk the streets of Chicago, doing community activism. Sure, it took Him 30 minutes to set me up, and sometimes he couldn’t get the extension cord to reach an electrical outlet, or the folks he wanted to talk to would walk off because they had better things to do, or the glare off my screen made his remarks unreadable. But it was a simpler time, when he could stay on script and didn’t feel the need to “speak his mind,” and we were a team. All I know, is it’s going to be a long flight home.

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