House Republicans Offer Better Solutions While White House Offers Distortions

Posted by Kevin Boland on March 24th, 2009

At the start of the 111th Congress, Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) pledged that Republicans wouldn’t be simply the party of opposition but would offer “better solutions.” And since then, Republicans have repeatedly followed through on Boehner’s pledge, offering better solutions whenever Republicans have had to disagree publicly with the direction being taken by President Obama and the liberal Democratic majority in Congress. In the case of the so-called “stimulus” bill and the federal budget, House Republican leaders have directly presented alternatives to the White House.

It seems the White House wants to mislead the American people into believing otherwise, however. Yesterday, in an interview with the Louisville Courier-Journal, the President reportedly “chided Republican lawmakers…for opposing his initiatives without offering alternatives.” The President complained that Republicans have criticized proposals without offering alternatives: “I do think that the Republican Party right now hasn’t sort of figured out what it’s for…And so, as a proxy, they’ve just decided we’re going to be against whatever the other side is for.”

Mr. President, with all due respect, that’s simply not true.

Since the start of this Congress, Democrats have advanced an agenda that spends too much, taxes too much, and borrows too much. At every step of the way, House Republicans have offered alternatives – better solutions – to the Democrats’ agenda.

Democrats passed a $1 trillion “stimulus” bill; House Republicans not only objected, but proposed an alternative plan that would create twice the jobs at half the cost using the same methodology as the President’s own senior economic advisor, Dr. Christina Romer. Democrats passed a $410 omnibus spending bill with more than 8,000 earmarks and the highest increase in non-emergency spending since the Carter years; House Republicans proposed a spending freeze for the rest of this year that would hold spending on government programs to current levels. Democrats are writing a record-shattering $3.6 trillion budget; House Republicans are proposing an alternative budget that includes spending restraint, tax cuts, expanded health care coverage, an end to taxpayer bailouts, and an “all of the above” energy strategy.

This afternoon, Leader Boehner will outline House Republicans’ better solutions in a “pre-buttal” to the President’s prime time press conference. Stay tuned to for more updates.

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