Friend and colleague Chuck Cook reports that Timmermans is coming out with a traditional Oude Gueuze. This is welcome news from an old family brewery that (under the control of John Martin) has specialized in, frankly, sweet and fruity alco-pops. My theory is that concoctions like Timms Light Kriek and Fruits de la Forêt are for 17-year-old boys to give their 15-year-old girlfriends and hope for the best. But maybe that’s unfair to teenagers.

Chuck has tasted the Timmermans Oude Gueuze and gives a good report. Here’s to hoping we get a taste on the upcoming Tour. Meanwhile, pictured here is some of Timmermans’ draft Lambic Doux from the Bécasse in central Brussels. This sweet but fairly refreshing faro-like drink is only available from this 19th Century café. I’ll gladly trade up to some more traditional stuff there, if it becomes available.

Meanwhile: This study says Belgians drank less beer in 2008. It offers no suggestion as to why. Maybe they are drinking better? Drinking more moderately? Driving more safely? (Based on anecdotal evidence, I doubt the latter.) Or maybe they just have less money to spend.

Any locals want to offer their take? My guess is that the biggest guys (InBev, Alken Maes) are taking the biggest hit. Notably, exports are still double the domestic consumption.

Lastly: Hier Stroomt het Bier! is my favorite blog that I can’t understand. Check it out. Especially if you can read Dutch.

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