Looks like the San Francisco Dipshits are really doing their homework on Matthew Stafford. Never mind that they are picking 10th and he will be long gone before they can select him…

Niners head coach Mike Singletary told KNBR (680 AM) in San Francisco this week that “if you’re going to look at drafting a guy in the first round, and you’re going to pay him millions of dollars, and asking him about a divorce about his parents, if that’s going to be an issue, uhhh, then you know what, maybe he doesn’t belong here.”

Stafford, a potential first-round draft pick, told the Detroit Free Press that the psychologist presumed Stafford had “unfinished business” about his parents’ split in high school.

Is Singletary fucking serious? They won’t draft a guy because he might have an issue with his parent’s divorce! The 49ers used to be the pillar of what all NFL franchises wanted to be when they had Joe Montana winning Super Bowls left and right. If Bill Walsh would have thought the way Singletary does then maybe the 49ers wouldn’t have drafted Montana because he likes to masturbate upstairs.

If you don’t get the Montana masturbating joke then look it up. I’m too lazy to explain it.

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