By Rose Pedenko and Tanya Simon

World Wars I and II produced a wealth of acronyms, which, today, would be condemned as “politically incorrect.” At the top of our list is “FUBAR,” which rings truer with each passing week of Obama’s administration. America is fast becoming “F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition.” This great country, forged on battlefields, defended with the blood and lives of heroes, has been brought down on so many levels, so fast, all our heads are spinning.

From sea to shining sea, and from our southern borders straight up to Canada, the United States of America, thanks to “Team Obama,” is starting to look and feel a lot like a Blade Runner wasteland – a place where the occupants are dispirited, panicked and upended.

There is one consolation: the “occupants” referred to above includes disheartened and/or disillusioned Democrats. Any disillusionment on the Far Left is from Barack Obama’s stuttering on change. Not only are many moderate Democrats lachrymose over the loss of their life savings and pension plans (like the rest of us), they alone must live with the disgrace of being responsible for voting Obama into the White House. Talk about falling on your own sword!

The U.S.A. – our home – has steadily shifted from vibrant to monochrome, which began the moment Obama was sworn in as president. Almost immediately, his administration’s bailout mechanisms went into effect and plowed over the foundation of our country’s success and prosperity: entrepreneurship. For Obama, free enterprise apparently is out and “spreading the wealth,” as he stated to Joe the Plumber, is in, and in to stay. At the rate the Treasury is doling out our tax dollars, there soon could be zero wealth to spread around. The Land of the Free has become the perfect breeding ground for Marxism, because the “mandate” Barack Obama rode in on has morphed into a full-blown dictatorship over private industry (better known as employers).

Is Obama affected with Malignant Hero Syndrome (MHS), or is Rahm “a good crisis shouldn’t go to waste” Emanuel, the Wizard behind the political curtain, cursed with the more identifiable Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP)? What better analogy is there to describe the driving force behind Obama’s billions to trillions (and incomprehensible head-scratching) bailout decisions? A person with MHS sets up risky situations to create emergencies and then devises rescue plans with the aim of being a hero. MHS and MSBP are about personal gain, attention, prestige, and, to a large extent, power. It has turned out our speculation is not too far-fetched since now even leaders in the European Union are up in arms over Obama’s unbridled spending, and are proclaiming them as “the road to hell” (their words, not ours).

It’s ironic that this statement came from a part of the world where the masses once shouted Obama’s name in exultant adoration and swooned at the very sight and sound of him. Anyone heard worshipful shouts or seen any fainting lately?

Obama has confirmed he is no master of foreign policy or diplomacy. But then everyone knew that going in. Foreign policy is a matter of guesswork; and the object of diplomacy is to take the guesswork out a little at a time. To the American people’s unending chagrin, by coarsely shipping back the bust of Winston Churchill to England and then snubbing the British Prime Minister on his recent visit to Washington, Obama hacked out chunks of our alliance with our great sister nation. Thus, his presentation to the peoples of Europe that he is qualified to be a world leader was nothing more than a ham sandwich. Perhaps after a batch of useless DVD’s and an iPod, England will be singing a different tune.

It’s scarcely possible to over-exaggerate the unwieldy decisions springing from the White House, including that Obama has declared that the U.S. government will now be guarantor for all car warranties on GM and Chrysler products. Put more plainly, Obama is asserting government control over the auto industry, which is similar to the establishment of the Volkswagen (the “People’s Car”) for Germans. But that’s not all.

Amid the pomp, power and intrigue of this administration, and in the House and Senate, has come the news (on March 30, 2009) that North Korea has a missile ready to launch in early April. Add to this the breaking news (on March 31, 2009) that, soon, Washington will be a definite target for a terrorist attack, according to Baitullah Behsud, commander of the Taliban in Pakistan.

These revelations must have the empty orbs swirling faster and faster about those proud shoulders within congressional chambers. The reality of a possible missile strike has caused our naval fleet and air forces to scramble defensively into certain areas of the Pacific region. There is no doubt in our minds that the news coming out of North Korea and from the Taliban are bitter pills the president and the Congress must not only chew on but eventually swallow particularly in light of Obama replacing the term “War on Terror” with “Overseas Contingency Operation.” One can’t help but wonder exactly how the Taiwanese will respond to an “overseas contingency operation” when China figures out, or already has figured out that, Obama is in over his head.

Obama stumped on his “hope and change” ideas, which were accepted without question by Democrats and liberals. Hope is a good thing, but it’s proving itself to not be everything for everyone. At the same time, the changes are crosscutting the American fabric of liberty, freedom, and equality. The years 2010 and 2012 may well end up being the last best hope and change for Republicans seeking to take back the Land of the Free and return it to its rightful owner: The People.

Americans of both major political parties – and all the others in between and on the fringes – are quickly waking up to this new America, realizing the lofty promise of hope and change is not quite what they had in mind. The truth for most Democrats is that “the f*cking they’re going to get is not worth the f*cking they’re going to get.”

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