The Taliban is now in the precious gem business.
The terror group took over a local emerald mine in the Pakistan on Wednesday.
They hired 1,000 locals and started operations the next day.

Shovel ready.

The Daily Times reported

More than 70 Taliban attacked the famous Gojaro Kalay emerald mine in Shangla on Wednesday and took control of the mining operations.

The mine had been leased to American firm Luxury International, which had been paying Pakistan Rs 40 million a year. The company had left recently because of the security situation.

The Taliban took positions around the mine on Wednesday after the security guards fled. They announced to take control of mining operations and offered the locals to work with them and share the profits. They bought mining equipment from the nearby Kotkay Bazaar.

Sher Bacha, the nazim of the area, and the locals confirmed the report and said more than 1,000 people worked on the mine on Wednesday. Only 100 people worked at the mine before the Taliban takeover.

Maybe these are the elusive moderate Taliban we’ve heard so much about?

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