They aren’t even trying anymore:

Obama and Gates Gut the Military: The secretary’s new budget will leave us weaker to pay for the president’s domestic programs.


On Monday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced a significant reordering of U.S. defense programs. His recommendations should not go unchallenged.

In the 1990s, defense cuts helped pay for increased domestic spending, and that is true today. Though Mr. Gates said that his decisions were “almost exclusively influenced by factors other than simply finding a way to balance the books,” the broad list of program reductions and terminations suggest otherwise. In fact, he tacitly acknowledged as much by saying the budget plan represented “one of those rare chances to match virtue to necessity”—the “necessity” of course being the administration’s decision to reorder the government’s spending priorities.

2009 Pentagon budget: $513 billion

2010 proposed Pentagon budget: $534 billion

Seriously, I can’t be the only person to notice that this “gutting” of the military includes spending 21 billion more than this year. I remember back in the day when Republicans and conservatives would get upset when Democrats framed increases in spending as cuts. Guess I am just getting old.

BTW– didn’t the GOP alternative “budget” call for a spending freeze? Lemme guess, military spending was exempt from the freeze.

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