I am sure you know the feeling.

The Session is coming up and this month it is about a style of beer which you have mixed feelings about, in this case rauchbier. Then you get to the office, having had a fair few pints the night before, bit of a headache, still half asleep and you realise that you forgot to put your perfectly crafted post on your flash drive.

Such are the joys of not having the internet in your pokey little flat. Not a great start to the day to be sure, but at least I have my severance pay to look forward to.
There we are then, I am the dunce to be sent to the corner. so here are some pictures of rauchbier.

My first ever rauchbier – definitely a shock to the system.

My absolute favourite rauchbier, and unfortunately only made once a year, Kocour’s magnificent V3.

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