companion photo for Taliban, terrorists love Great Satan's great servers

The front page for Houston-based Web host The Planet proudly boasts the “lowest price on the planet.” But you probably won’t see them advertising the most striking proof of their global competitiveness: prices so low that the Taliban prefers to run its propaganda sites out of the Lone Star State! The situation has outraged some bloggers, but there’s reason to think American intelligence officials are only too happy to have the enemy’s data flowing across US soil.

One such Taliban propaganda site billed itself as the official voice of the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,” and regularly provided enthusiastic (if highly dubious) reports of successful attacks on coalition troops in the region. It was pulled offline last week after conservative blog The Jawa Report urged readers to complain to companies “unknowingly and unwittingly giving the Taliban some of the necessary tools they need to prolong the war.” (The blogger also provided Taliban officials’ contact emails, and suggested signing them up for sheep porn.) Within days, however, it had reappeared online under a slightly different name—now apparently hosted in Canada.

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