According to the Washington Times, a little provision in the House climate bill would give people the right to sue the federal government to force changes in emission standards. Forget ambulance chasing lawyers, a whole new group of emissions chasing will sprout up over this. Not to mention the 10’s of millions the government would spend, of your tax dollars, on court costs and possible payouts.

This is just another way for the environmentalists to force their agenda on a topic that has wide support against human causes. Even Al Gore no longer says “global warming”, choosing “climate change” instead.

The measure sets grounds for anyone “who has suffered, or reasonably expects to suffer, a harm attributable, in whole or in part,” to government inaction to file a “citizen suit.” The term “harm” is broadly defined as “any effect of air pollution (including climate change), currently occurring or at risk of occurring.”

Did you see that? expects to suffer. Wow, we can now sue for something that will happen in the future! Does that mean I can sue for the flu that I am going to get next winter when the climate gets colder?

Imagine how much this will clog up the court system. Unbelievable.

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