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One of the liberal urban myths is that conservatives are an exclusive club of “white’s only”, or right wing racists, which proves that liberals are indeed, “color blind”.

In order to dispel this particular myth we’ve linked to one terrific site which dispels the idea that liberals are “experts” on just who conservatives are.

Magic Negro Watch is a blog published by a long time friend who happens to be a black conservative with a unique perspective on the political scene and liberals in general.

From Magic Negro Watch:

“I am not a Republican, I am a Conservative and I have this never ending nagging distrust of liberals, particularly white liberals. White liberals are a bunch of phony socially retarded trifling people who lack even the most basic form of common sense. My blog is my tiny little weapon against liberal nonsense and stupidity. If you find this blog offensive, then you are exactly the type of individual who needs to be reading it. If you have the guts to confront a black man who does not follow the liberal prescription for success in America by bitching and whining about how much the government should “care” then make your voice heard. It’s easy to visit and hang out on a blog where only people of one particular political persuasion congregate and where your narrow little myopic view is appreciated and accepted. If you are a liberal and particularly if you are white try and educate yourself to something other than what you were taught at some university by some idiot Birkenstock wearing professor. All black people don’t think alike I’m living proof.”

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MNW gives his own review of Obama’s first 100 days. Here’s an excerpt:

“Spurning shelter dogs. Obama irritates animal rights activist by adding a new family member to his household: Bo, a Portuguese Water Dog who does not come from a shelter.

Too slick for Castro. Obama eases travel and remittance restrictions on Cuba, and considers dropping the embargo on Cuba. Fidel Castro later expresses his exasperation with Obama’s way with words, saying Obama “misinterpreted” what his brother Raul had said. Cuba would not be willing to negotiate about human rights, Castro insists.

Covering up Jesus. For an April 14 speech at Georgetown, the administration asked the university to cover up all signs and symbols, including the gold letters “IHS,” a symbol for Jesus. The administration later explains it simply asked that all distracting symbols and images be covered, and wasn’t trying to conceal Jesus specifically.

Tea parties? What tea parties? When untold thousands rally nationwide to protest excessive taxation, the White House tries to ignore the whole issue, hoping it will go away. ABC News reports the president “is unaware of the tea parties.”

To prosecute, or not to prosecute. Obama and his staff vacillate on whether to prosecute those who carried out “enhanced interrogations,” first saying that CIA operatives carrying out orders are in the clear, then later saying it’s up to Attorney General Eric Holder to decide whether some officials should be prosecuted for trying to keep America safe.”

Magic Negro Watch is a great site, insightful, informative, highly entertaining and some of the most hysterical photoshopping on the block.


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