I readily admit that my thinking is not clear when it comes to Historically Black Colleges & Universities. I actually feel terribly guilty about the fact that I feel they are obsolete, their admission standard are too low and I am utterly heartbroken that my daughter has decided to attend one. Now before you all start beating me up…save your wrath because I am beating myself up about it. But, hey at least I’m honest about it and I have four years to work through my angst…I guess. Unless she transfers (one can only hope).

On the heels of destroying the DC voucher program, the Obama administration is now reportedly planning to cut $85 million of federal dollar which HBCU’s have relied on since 2007. The White House notes, however, that HBCUs would benefit in the long run from other direct government funding, which would mean a hike of about $12 million – raising the amount of federal dollars to $250 million. But, as Black-college leaders point out, the cessation of the specific fund would mean a $73 million reduction. Here is the kicker, which really illustrates Barack Obama’s incredible hubris or stupidity I’m not sure which but,”Obama contends that under his education plan, Black colleges would be able to better serve Black students because of a $200increase in the maximum Pell Grant – taking the total allowance to $5,550….” On second thought Obama just thinks black folks are stupid. Well, I guess 96% of us are –that is the 96% of ya’ll that voted for his monkey azz.

Hey Kanye, judging from this it isn’t President Bush who DOESN’T CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE, is it? It’s America’s first Black President in the person of Barack Obama who doesn’t appear to give a tinker’s damn about black people and in approximately 114 days has managed to inflict harm on black children TWICE.

I hope this opens up the eyes of the blind. Neither the democrat party, liberals, or Barack Obama give two shades left of a good G**damn about black people. It’s all about power for politicians– the acquistion and perservation of power. Black folks have it twisted and until we stop expecting politicians to “care” about us and seeing ourselves as some sort of inferior beings who need to be coddled then they will continue to take our votes for granted. I get so angry when I hear grown men complain that Republicans don’t cares about us . Why should anyone care about us when we consistently make uninformed decisions based solely on whether or not someone is Black or White, Democrat or Republican? Aren’t we really telling the world that we don’t care about ourselves? So why should someone care more for you than you care for yourself? How many Democrats will it take to poop (like Obama has done — TWICE) on us to prove that they are just USING US?

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