Hawaii is the adopted second home state of America’s first Muslim-born US President Barack Hussein Obama. In part, to honor his Presidency, the State Legislature is designating September 24 as “Islam Day.”

The cutting edge blog NoSheeplesHere.blogspot.com has produced this photoshop tribute to Hawaii’s new designated Holiday.

Meanwhile, bloggers on the Right are asking what’s the purpose behind the holiday, and wondering if the idea will spread nationwide?

Vicki McClure Davidson of Frugal Café Blog Zone opines:

Why did Hawaii’s elected officials feel so compelled to create this day? Is it a coincidence that this is Barack Obama’s (still to be determined) place of birth? And why in the heck is Islam Day being celebrated 13 days after September 11?

We’d never consider celebrating an “Adolph Hitler Day” or a “Japanese Bombing Pearl Harbor Day”… Ask any family member of someone who tragically died in the World Trade Center if they are affected by the pronouncement of Hawaii’s new Islam Day.

(H/t and some linky love to RS McCain)

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