companion photo for Wolfram Alpha set for launch, first look unveiled

Wolfram Alpha is set to launch Friday, and creator Stephen Wolfram has published a great screencast that demonstrates the strengths of his new tool. I’ve watched the entire screencast, and I’ve read Wolfram’s latest blog post, so what follows are my preliminary thoughts and impressions of Alpha what I’ve seen so far.

First, the juxtaposition of a fantastic software demo with a blog post of mind-bending bogosity recalls my very first impression of Alpha when its existence was unveiled, to wit: “I leave evaluation of Wolfram Alpha’s prospects as a ‘Google killer’ to Web 2.0 pundits, and, ultimately, to the marketplace. (Regarding the latter, Wolfram Alpha’s commercial prospects are considerably brighter than its singularity-inducing metaphysical ones, since Wolfram does know how to produce great software.)” But I’ll leave off any more discussion of Wolfram the man and focus on Wolfram the software company, instead.

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