We’re-so-smart diplomacy failed

John Bolton on May 20: “The scientific and military imperatives for a second test have been strong for over two years, and the potential data, experience and other advantages of further testing would be tremendous.”

Intelligence official today: “They didn’t give us any warning whatsoever.”

Maybe if someone had read the Wall Street Journal…


This is the administration with the Smart Diplomacy.

You know, as opposed to those dumbbells in the Bush administration. get it? Ha ha. They are so far superior than him.

Just ask them.

Hillary Clinton is the Smartest Woman in the World. Barack Obama is the Smartest Person Ever. Together they form a powerful force of a brilliance that we have not seen in the White House since the Kennedy years, when we had the Best and the Brightest — which gave us Vietnam.

Here is an idea. Instead of spending the next 4 years preeening and primping and comparing this administration to the last, how about finally accomplishing something worthwhile?

Instead of arguing over whether water-boarding is torture, how about getting the job done? You know, protecting the nation and the national interest. Find out why some tin-horn dictator whose people are shrinking can sneak a nuclear weapons test under the nose of everyone.

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