The following video of Congressman Ron Paul was released yesterday on Youtube. Paul, who is a physician, weighs in on the Obama administration’s push to implement a nationalized health care system and what and who have been the true culprits of the soaring cost of health care.

While Obama claims the new healthcare system would allow every American to obtain healthcare coverage, “cut costs”, and provide better healthcare there have been several analysis’ which tell a different story.

The Heritage Foundation is reporting that analysis of Obama’s plan has shown that in the areas of coverage that there would “be no significant change in the number of uninsured”. In the area of “cost” analysis, an “average” American family might see a savings of $426 while Obama has claimed a figure of $2500. What will happen is increased spending by the federal government to the tune of 1.6 to 1.7 trillion from 2010-19 period.

Obama’s plan relies on relying on paying for “new costs” by “rolling back” the middle class tax cuts implemented by Bush:

“In May 2007, advisers to the campaign issued a memorandum to “interested parties’ that estimated the plan’s cost.[20] Under “best-guess’ assumptions, the Senator’s advisers estimated the plan’s net cost at $50-$65 billion a year at full implementation. The memorandum then claimed any new cost could be covered by rolling back part of the Bush tax cuts. It is controversial because of both its cost and savings estimates,[21] and other analysts have called into question the memorandum’s conclusions.[22] Since the Bush tax cuts are set to expire within two years anyway, they are not a viable offset, because beyond expiration they are built into the federal government’s budget baseline. Complicating the matter further, repealing the Bush tax cuts early has already been proposed by Obama as potential source of revenue for a number of other policy initiatives.[23]”

Lastly, Obama’s plan relies heavily on “assumptions”. A prime example of Obama plans which are based on assumptions is the stimulus package which the Obama administration used in order to claim they’ve “saved or created jobs”.

The AP’s “Stimulus Watch” found that Obama’s stimulus plan is based on a formula of every dollar the government spends in the stimulus package, a $1.50 goes back into the economy which, in turn, “creates or saves jobs”. Another assumption is that “the U.S. work force expands by about 1 million jobs with every 1 percent increase in the overall economy.”

Obama claimed that if his Stimulus package wasn’t passed the jobless rate would top 9%.

Currently the jobless rate is 9.4%. When Obama claimed the government “saved or created 150,000 jobs” he didn’t rely on actual job statistics but instead used “numbers” created by using a formula. This type of “assuming” the number of jobs created or saved relates to Obama’s healthcare initiative. Obama’s initiative, based in part on Ted Kennedy’s healthcare plan, relies heavily on assumptions and “if only” propositions. Assumptions such as people willing to make “behavioral changes.

In the video Ron Paul points out the influence of the government which has led to the mess we’re currently in regarding healthcare. I urge readers to watch the video as well as follow the links to the Heritage Foundation and the AP’s Stimulus Watch instead of taking at face value the “statistics” and numbers being touted by Obama as well as the stance that the government has the expertise without some sort of track record of success.


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