Cars and yachts are undoubtedly the most desirable toys of the rich and the famous. Rich guys love to play host on big boats. And Drive’s designers (a leading company in Marine and Automotive design) seem to have captured this fascination with their innovative “125m 7Cs superyacht” that is inspired from automotive design. This new yacht concept has an air of exclusivity to it with a unique stance. This overtly luxurious cruiser will boast some of the finest specs in this category including a sunken pool toward the front with a retractable cover for every season, a helipad and a rear “surrounded” jacuzzi providing shelter and privacy for the owner among other notable specs. The interiors will feature a unique atrium space with a double curved staircase. An area at the stern was inspired by contemporary glass structures and demonstrates a play on “inside/outside” space. Drive envisages a unique hull with the reverse bow, and has tried to approximate a cruising speed of 20 + knots. This wonderful superyacht is still in concept stages till they find a partner to take it in to production. We hope it does soon. Cheers to Drive folks!

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