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Facebook certainly is sending mixed signals about The Social Network! On the one hand, its official position is that the movie is boob-and-coke-filled “fiction”. On the other, Facebook took their Palo Alto employees to see the film last night.

According to the Times, Facebook bought out two theaters of the Mountain View Century 16 so their employees could see the completely made up version of Facebook’s founding. Mark Zuckerberg was rumored to be attending, too! (This would likely be his second viewing. Dude really likes the movie.) Facebook spokesman Larry Yu said in a statement:

To celebrate a period of intense activity at Facebook, we decided to go to the movies. We thought this particular movie might be amusing.

This was followed by a three-step “re-education” program directly after the film. Kidding. Actually, it’s pretty cool that they did this. So maybe that circus party was actually celebrating the release of The Social Network? We’re so confused!

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Article by Zen Habits contributor Jonathan Mead; follow him on twitter.

Caring is supposed to be a good thing, yet, it can become unhealthy and have an adverse effect on our lives.

When we care too much, we become obsessive and it often leads to dysfunction.

There are definitely times where passion fuels our desire to act. Working towards change, being involved in a social movement, and contributing in a meaningful way to others are all examples of this. But it’s the not caring about things that don’t matter that allows you to focus your attention on these big, important things. It’s the lack of out-of-control caring that brings more levity into your life.

Here are a few classic examples of caring gone too far:

  • Caring too much about things that don’t matter.
  • Caring too much about things being perfect and reach a point of diminishing returns. It can take four hours of studying to get a 95% on a test, but it may take fifteen hours of studying to get a 100%. Are those additional eleven hours really worth it?
  • Caring too much about always being updated. We want to know what’s happening on facebook, twitter, email, and we lose our ability to focus.
  • Adversely caring about what others think and don’t give enough credit to what we think.
  • Caring too much about the future. We’re always thinking about what will happen next.

I could go on and on about all the possibilities of toxic caring. It’s already plain to see that caring — something usually seen as a positive action — can be highly undesirable.

I’ve seen so many people waste so much time caring about things that don’t really matter. They have dreams and they have big ideas, but they can’t get them off the ground because their attention and concern is in the wrong place.

If your mind is too focused on what’s happening in the next five minutes, you’ll never make progress on the things that will impact your life five years from now. If you’re too focused on tidying up your desk, reorganizing your paper clips and making sure everything is filed immaculately, you’re just spinning your wheels. Things like this have a place, and organization is important. But when it’s taking up more time than your most important tasks, you might want to rethink things.

The same thing applies not just with organization, but with caring too much about getting everything done. If you have a lot of little loose ends and small tasks that you need to close, you could easily get overwhelmed. And you might think that finishing those things is a bigger priority than working on your something amazing.

But trust me, it’s not. There will be more little things to obsess over. There will be other things that you can find to do that will creep into your consciousness. These things are your enemies.

I repeat: These minutiae must be not be allowed residence in your mind. They cannot take up the precious and sacred focus of your attention.

This is where you need to learn the art of putting things off.

Yeah, I know that might sound controversial, given how many of us have issues with procrastination. But, this is actually good news for you procrastinators! Now you can use this valuable skill to your advantage.

Put off or procrastinate all the stuff that doesn’t matter. Do this for the survival of your dreams.

If you don’t learn how to skillfully put off the trivial details of your to-do list, your dreams will suffer for it. If you don’t learn how to stop caring about all the stuff that won’t matter in ten minutes or ten years, your dreams will be left as nothing more than a phantom of your imagination.

I will admit, this is something I’ve struggled with for a long time. While I haven’t fully learned the skilled art of putting off the inconsequential, I am making serious progress.

I used to obsess about the little things, partly because I’m a recovering perfectionist. But it’s also largely due to the fact that I was afraid of facing my dreams. I was putting off the wrong stuff. I was putting off facing the reality of what I really wanted and coming to terms with whether or not it was truly possible. I was afraid of failure; but most of all, I was afraid of the unknown.

Now I see that when I’m putting off the wrong stuff (my true desires), I need to take a closer at myself. I see it as a clue that I might be avoiding what I really want for some reason. Maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s something else. But I know that getting too wrapped up in the details means that I need to step back and take a look at the bigger picture.

Take a step back, and breathe…

When you realize that you’re spending time on a lot of insignificant things, take a look at what the deeper message might be. Maybe you’re afraid of taking the first step toward your dreams.

See what happens when you put off or stop caring about…

  • Checking your email every ten minutes.
  • Having everything finished on your to do list.
  • Having an immaculately clean house.
  • Trying to please everyone.
  • Seeking praise and popularity.
  • [Your malady here.]
  • See this article for a full list of things worth giving up.

When you’re left with your real, authentic self, you will probably be a little uncomfortable, as I was. But it’s better to be face-to-face with this discomfort than letting this lawless caring get in the way of you living your dreams.

So put things off, be flaky. Stop caring about the stuff that doesn’t matter … your dreams depend on it.

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Happy Easter!

He is risen! Truly, He is risen!

The Morning of the Resurrection by Edward Coley Burne-Jones

Graces of the Resurrection

Jesus…says of his death: I go away, and I will come to you.” It is by going away that he comes. His going ushers in a completely new and greater way of being present. By dying he enters into the love of the Father. His dying is an act of love. Love, however, is immortal. Therefore, his going away is transformed into a new coming, in to a form of presence which reaches deeper and does not come to an end…

Jesus, who is now totally transformed through the act of love, is free from barriers and limits. He is able not only to pass through closed doors in the outside world, as the Gospels recount (see John 20:19). He can pass through the interior door separating the “I” from the “you,” the closed door between yesterday and today, between the past and the future… Now he can even surmount the wall of otherness that separates the “I” from the “you.”

This happened with Paul, who describes the process of his conversion and his baptism in these words: “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me” (Gal 2:20). Through the coming of the Risen One, Paul obtained a new identity. His closed “I” was opened. Now he lives in communion with Jesus Christ, in the great “I” of believers who have become – as he puts it – “one in Christ” (Gal 3:28)… Believers are never totally cut off from one another. We are in communion because of our deepest identity: Christ within us. Thus faith is a force for peace and reconciliation in the world: distances between people are overcome, in the Lord we have come close (see Eph 2:13)…

The Lord has granted us the light of truth. This light is also fire, a powerful force coming from God, a force that does not destroy, but seeks to transform our hearts, so that we truly become men of God, and so that his peace can become active in the world…

At this hour, let us thank the Lord, because through the power of his world and of the holy Sacraments, he points us in the right direction and draws our hearts upwards. Let us pray to him in these words: Yes, Lord, make us Easter people, men and women of light, filed with the fire of your love.

Pope Benedict XVI

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